This week, Stewart Johnson continues our series 'Who are we? This is who we are', looking at our identify as The Body of Christ.
This week, we start our new exciting series 'Who are we? This is who we are', beginning with a look at The People of God. God has always been after…

Christmas Carol Service

19th December 2021
What a joy to worship the Father, Son & Holy Spirit in the context of the magnificent Christmas storyline. Join us for an hour of worship, carols, scripture reading and…

Looking Forward to 2022

5th December 2021
This week Dave Bitcheno takes a brief look at what our focus will look like early on in 2022. Knowing who we are corporately (God's people) is as important as…
This week's recording is taken from the 11am Service with worship led by Gregg and Gillian, followed by Dave Bitcheno looking at 1 Corinthians 12 and how God distributes gifts…
This week Dave Bitcheno explores the 2nd half of Acts 2, as the Church is birthed following the pouring out of the Holy Spirit.

This is a Kairos Moment

27th June 2021
After 15 months of a global pandemic navigating suffering and loss, seeing communities care for one another and issues like BLM arise. How should followers of Jesus interpret these times?…

Father’s Day 2021

20th June 2021
Dave Price takes us to Mark 12 which shows just how ridiculously good our heavenly Father is.

Apostolic Church

13th June 2021
What is an 'Apostolic Church'? Phil Wilthew (Kings Arms Church, Bedford) unpacks Romans 14 to help us understand what God is calling us into in this season.

World Changing Prayer

6th June 2021
Sarah Harbour dives into the Lord's Prayer from Luke 11:1-13 and shares how prayer can change the world.
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