This week Dave Price helps us to understand how we operate in the anointing of the Holy Spirit.
This week Dave Bitcheno speaks about the power of the Holy Spirit and not only being filled but CONTINUALLY filled with the Holy Spirit.
Kaz Price talks about the wonder and heart of Jesus' love for all humanity and encourages us to follow His example.
Jospeh, James and Dave taking about social justice, racism and the gospel.

Peter, watch him go

31st May 2020
On Pentecost Sunday, Stewart Johnson encourages us to think about the work of the Holy Spirit in Peter's life and how we also can be transformed by the power of…
Dave Price continues the theme of the Fruits of the Spirit, looking at Galatians 5, challenging us at a very honest level to consider what we are drawing on, the…

The Power of Prayer

17th May 2020
Jo Johnson talks about the Power of Prayer and the significant opportunity we have to influence situations, both close and far around the world, as we partner with God.
How are you growing spiritually in this season? Taking the analogy of plant growth, Dave Price explores how we might grow spiritually in this season.
This week Dave Price talks about the current season in terms of the different challenges we experience and the importance of being connected to God, having hope and seeing things…


26th April 2020
Stewart Johnson talks about balance and a godly walk in the current unique season we find ourselves in.
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