The Power of Love

18th October 2020
The Apostle Paul prays that the Ephesians would together 'have the power to possess the fulness of God's love'. This week Dave Price helps us encounter the reality of not…

God’s New Temple

4th October 2020
'You are not someone who goes to the church…. You are the church'. This outstanding statement sets the scene for Dave Price to continue our Ephesians series. Dave takes the…

Erase the Line

27th September 2020
'There is power in the Name of Jesus'. Dave Price continues our series on Ephesians considering the power and purpose of God's reconciliation of people with Him.

Divine Will

6th September 2020
This week Dave P kicks off our brand new series going though the book of Ephesians. Having provided a great overview of the whole of Ephesians, Dave takes verses 1-14…

Encountering God

2nd August 2020
Dave Price considers the encounter Moses had with God and the very Name of God. Dave also leads us in sharing the bread and wine together.