Follow the Leader

7th February 2021
Dave Price unpacks the simplicity of the Christian life and why we make it so complicated.
Dave Price unpacks Ephesians 4:30-32 looking at how not to grieve the Holy Spirit and knowing we are sealed by the Holy Spirit.

No Foothold

24th January 2021
This week, Stewart Johnson helps us to see that the reason Paul encourages the church at Ephesus not to let the sun go down on anger, not to steal, not…

New Year, New Self

17th January 2021
Having been created in the likeness of God, we are encouraged to put off the old self and put on the new self. Continuing our series in Ephesians, Dave Price…
'God works within the natural order of things to bring about supernatural purposes'. This week Dave Price helps us to consider the reality of our current circumstances in light of…

Carols and Nativity Service

20th December 2020
It might not be Carols in the Park this year, but we would love you to get  yourself a mulled wine and a mince pie and enjoy a real mix…

The Plumb Line

6th December 2020
This week, Amy & James Farrer join Dave Price to talk about the Ephesians 4 office and ministry of Teacher and the importance of how this helps to build a…

Everyday Process

29th November 2020
This week, Kerensa McCollough, Dave Bitcheno & Dave Price  explore the office of Pastor and pastoring in local church as we continue our Ephesians series.

Beautiful Feet

22nd November 2020
Continuing our series on Ephesians and the various grace gifts given to the church for her equipping, Dave Price talks with David Bennett about the ministry of evangelism and what…

Hook Me Up

15th November 2020
So what is the difference between a prophet and the gift of prophecy? A great question which Rob Cates (Catch the Fire, London) so helpfully unpacks with Dave Price plus…