A New Thing

18th April 2021
Stewart Johnson shares a timely word from Isaiah 43 about God doing a new thing, where looking forward and not looking back is so important, particularly when managing change.

Kingdom and Compassion

11th April 2021
Wendy Mann (Kings Arms Church, Bedford) encourages us not only to grow in our compassion for others but also to receive more of Jesus' compassion for us.

Easter Service

4th April 2021
Happy Easter Sunday! Join us for our Easter service and find out about more about us and who Jesus is.
Judy and Dave Price unpack what it means to pray in the Spirit and to proclaim the gospel fearlessly.
Kerensa McCollough and Dave Price look at how spiritual forces of evil impact our worlds, both on an individual and personal level and also at a national and global level.
Kaz Price dives into the story of Ruth and pulls out some biblical gems to live by.
In this video we unpack Paul’s teaching commonly called household codes. Paul addresses the everyday lives of Jesus followers and how we can live out heavenly values in everyday realities.
Each culture has its own views on marriage and relationships. This week, Dave Price, unpacks Paul's teaching on marriage and looks at God's perspective on marriage and the function of…

Something Better

21st February 2021
Don't get drunk on alcohol but instead be filled with the Holy Spirit. In this short talk, Dave Bitcheno talks about the profound results of being filled with the Holy…
Light shines to help, to guide, to expose and to protect. Jo Johnson shares from her own experience the significance of what it means practically to live in the kingdom…