We love the nations. We love partnering with people on the ground and sending people to go & serve in a number of contexts.

Currently, part of our focus is on an area called the 10/40 Window encompassing many hard-to-reach nations and people groups. It is our experience that Jesus always makes a way.

The graphic shows places we have been able to serve in the past ten years and it also shows the 10/40 Window.

What does serving the nations mean for us as a church and how can you get involved?

  1. Prayer for the nations – weekly and monthly prayer options – onsite and online. You can use this link for some detailed analysis of the spiritual and practical needs of nations right across the world. 
  2. Opportunities to serve – go on a journey of discovery testing God’s call on you to go and serve or simply go on a vision trip to see, to experience, to pray and to share with Christian brothers and sisters in very different contexts to our own.
  3. Advice and wisdom on how to pursue a personal journey of faith, service and commitment to the nations.
  4. Partnerships with people on the ground in nations we feel called to and those in the UK or Europe with a likeminded vision.
  5. Getting involved in welcoming Hong Kong refugees to our area with Welcome Churches.

If you are interested in knowing more on any of the aspects mentioned, please chat us here!