I grew up in a Christian home and there were many conversations about Jesus and many Bible stories read to me. Growing up in a family home where Jesus was considered to be God, but then spending my school days with people with very different opinions about Jesus, was, to be frank rather confusing.

By the time I was a teen I had turned my back on God and Church. I chose to pursue a life which was completely opposite to the values my parents and the bible had taught me. Those choices led me into a lot of trouble and some incredibly difficult times.  Yet God didn’t give up on me although I’d given up on Him. During my late teens after a series of events, the Jesus of the Bible became very real to me and let’s just say I was in need of saving! From that point on I no longer needed to hear anyone else’s opinion about whether Jesus was just a historical figure, a good teacher or God’s Son – I knew that He was God’s Son because I encountered Him for myself and that moment turned my life upside down in the best way possible. I’ve now been passionately following Jesus for more than a decade and have the privilege of pastoring The Community Church.

Dave Price

Senior Pastor