My journey to faith in Jesus began when I met the lovely Judy Price at Little Steps Mother and Toddler group. After I was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer in 2014 she introduced me to the Community Church and I attended an Alpha course.

It was there I began to experience the Holy Spirit in random unexplainable bursts.

I had always believed in angels and a ‘higher being’ watching over me during my childhood but anger and resentment towards God for the life-threatening health problems I had endured since my 2nd Birthday made me sceptical. I soon realised that I had experienced the Holy Spirit in the past but not having had any kind of relationship with Jesus before it was unbeknown to me that he was using the Holy Spirit to connect with me.

Since meeting Jesus, the Holy Spirit has blessed me with the gift of prophecy. Reality has changed, a spiritual awakening has allowed me to be open, inviting the spirit of God and the love of God to enter my heart. God has awakened my soul to a new awareness, a new perception of the world around me.
I realise now that Jesus has been with me on my journey my whole life, protecting me from harm, providing me with miracles.

God knows the exact timing of my life. He knows the reason for my pain and He understands the suffering I have had to endure. He blesses me with patience, love and freedom to handle all coming my way. My job is to hold to the faith and not let it run thin. His hand is on my life and there is a reason for everything that is happening. He doesn’t expect me to know ‘how’ I’m going to get through, He simply blesses me with the chance to work hard in the direction I know best, and He will take care of the rest – that is His absolute promise. If it doesn’t feel like it’s over, it’s not, and He wants me to keep pushing. He believes in me and my strength. His love for me is unwavering and always present.

Hayley Stiff