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Stories are often created when a group of people experience something deeply impacting, perhaps even life-changing together. Those moments can be filled with joy as a new baby is born and celebrated with family and friends, or sometimes these moments unite us through suffering as a loved one battles with illness. Other times it is a particular moment in history, such as when man first landed on the moon, the 9/11 tragedy or your team won the big game.

Our story is that each of us has had a life-changing encounter with Jesus. Our stories are incredibly diverse and reflect the fact that these defining moments with Jesus happened at different life stages for each of us. What we share is that Jesus reached into our lives with his love, hope and power and called us into his family, into his story and you are most welcome to join this story too.

Dave Price

Senior Pastor

Hayley's Story

Living in Pain yet Discovering Peace

My journey to faith in Jesus began when I met the lovely Judy Price at Little Steps Mother and Toddler group. After I was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer in 2014 she introduced me to the Community Church and I attended an Alpha course. It was there I began… Read More

Dave's Story

From Problem to Pastor

I grew up in a Christian home and there were many conversations about Jesus and many Bible stories read to me. Growing up in a family home where Jesus was considered to be God, but then spending my school days with people with very different opinions about Jesus, was, to… Read More

Soup Queen of Wooburn Green

Elaine's Story

Soup Queen of Wooburn Green

I first came to the Tuesday Lunch Club (TLC) with a friend who had not left their home for a number of years. On our first visit I met Josie, she invited me to sit with her and we have now become the best of friends. I love… Read More

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