This is a Kairos Moment

27th June 2021
After 15 months of a global pandemic navigating suffering and loss, seeing communities care for one another and issues like BLM arise. How should followers of Jesus interpret these times?…

Father’s Day 2021

20th June 2021
Dave Price takes us to Mark 12 which shows just how ridiculously good our heavenly Father is.

Apostolic Church

13th June 2021
What is an 'Apostolic Church'? Phil Wilthew (Kings Arms Church, Bedford) unpacks Romans 14 to help us understand what God is calling us into in this season.
John the Baptist was convinced Jesus was Messiah then in Luke 7 he wasn't so sure. Dave Price unpacks how to handle mystery and disappointment.

Pentecost 2021

23rd May 2021
Dave Price unpacks why we need the 'Christ anointing' to fruitful followers of Jesus.
Tom Allsop (Catch the Fire, Three Rivers Church) unpacks the parable of the sower but actually focuses on the sower not the 4 types of soils. Be prepared for something…

Beautiful Attitudes

9th May 2021
David Bennett unpacks Jesus' teaching on beautiful attitudes and what it means to be blessed and be a blessing to others.

The Mandate

2nd May 2021
Abi Allsop (Catch the Fire Three Rivers) unpacks Jesus' mandate and assignment and how it is our mandate too.