Dave Bitcheno continues our mini series 'Signs, Symbols & Sacraments', this week looking at oil and the context of anointing, consecration and commissioning.
James Farrer this week explores the sacrament of bread whilst continuing our mini series 'Signs, Symbols and Sacraments'.
Dave Price begins a new four week series exploring signs, symbols and sacraments, this week looking at Communion.
Dave Price talks about the power of the gospel of Jesus to save, heal and restore.
Dave Bitcheno concludes our mini series Tsunami of Love by looking at Jesus' command to 'love our enemies'. The fact that God showed us immense mercy, grace & love when…
Jo Maynard continues our Tsunami of Love series, this week exploring three ways in which, with the help of God, we can grow in kindness.

Stewart Johnson concludes our 1 Timothy series, Raising Spiritual Giants this week looking at chapter 6  Building on Godliness. Flee, Pursue, Guard